Suspected shooters in court


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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Angel Zavales and Juan Munoz Wednesday appeared before District Judge Keith Blackman on charges of attempted 1st degree murder and conspiracy to commit 1st degree murder. This comes after officials with the Jonesboro Police Department said Sunday they found probably cause to arrest both men following a Saturday night shooting at the home of a three-year old girl's birthday party. Lt. Rick Elliot with the Jonesboro Police Department told Region 8 News Zavales and Munoz were named by witnesses. Police said two people were shot and transported to St. Bernard's Medical Center.

"With the information we got so far, there was a large party going on here throughout the day. Two of the people at the party got into an altercation earlier in the day," said Elliot. "These individuals left. They later came back this (Saturday) evening, and as they drove by they shot two of the people that were standing out by the street."

Both men were officially charged Wednesday and given a bond of $175,000. Penalties for attempted 1st degree murder range from 10-40 years to life in prison. The penalties for conspiracy to commit 1st degree murder range from 5-10 years in prison and a fine not to exceed $15,000.

Munoz and Zavales have been schedule to appear in circuit court October 30th at 8 a.m. at the Craighead County Courthouse.

Blackman appointed both men a public defender.

According to witnesses, one victim was shot in the arm and stomach. He underwent surgery to remove a bullet in his stomach Sunday. The other victim was shot in the arm. Both are expected to make a full recovery. None of the children were at the party. Witnesses said the party was winding down at the time of the shooting and the only child present was inside the home. The shooting allegedly took place near the street.

"They were having the party out here and enjoying themselves when the truck pulled up and started shooting. Nobody knew what was going on, so everybody started panicking and running everywhere," said Jesse Garcia.

Garcia is the nephew of the homeowners where the shooting took place. He spoke on behalf of the family.

"Their main concern right now is anything backfiring upon this because from what you've seen, they didn't want to come out on TV and they didn't want to talk about it themselves. They must be concerned that they (suspects) might still want to come back and shoot some more," said Garcia.

Garcia said family members told him that the suspects may have had problems with relatives.

The birthday party for the three-year old girl isn't the only celebration happening at 312 N. Church. The homeowner's wife is pregnant and expected to deliver a new born baby in the next few days. The three-year old girl's party was being thrown for a family friend.

"They got one kid. They got another kid coming on today," said Garcia. "A pregnant woman out here, I mean, just the fear factor itself in a pregnant woman is not good health wise."

Witnesses told Region 8 News Sunday a total of six shots were fired Saturday night in the drive-by style shooting.

"My concern is that those people shooting. If you know they have problems with other people, I would tell them to stay away from the house for a little bit until they get their problems resolved," said Garcia. "You never know what's going to happen. Sometimes the victims are in trouble with the people that shoot at them, but sometimes the victims are innocent people who are just out here trying to have fun."

When asked why someone pulled the trigger, Garcia said he wasn't sure.

"I believe what happened is the alcohol gets in their system and they start losing a notion of where they are at and who is around them and they just start letting violence take over," said Garcia. "I believe, from what she told me, is that they did have an altercation with one of the victim's relatives and that's probably why they came down here."

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