Senate Sends Amended Education Bill Back to House

January 31, 2003
Posted at: 3:45 p.m. CDT

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- Legislation for a study to determine what constitutes an adequate public education cleared the Senate, and now heads back to a House committee.

The 29-4 Senate vote Thursday sent the education adequacy bill back to the House for concurrence on a Senate amendment. The amendment would give a special study committee the option of extending by up to 60 days its July 1 deadline to make recommendations to the Legislature.

The measure drew some opposition. Senator Jim Luker of Wynne said he did not see the need to spend several months and $500,000 or more on outside experts.

He said resources are already available if the thrust of the adequacy study is to determine what students should know and how best to deliver a quality education.

The study is viewed as a key element to the state's response to a court order to provide equal educational opportunity for all Arkansas schoolchildren.

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