Rector's labor day parade draws in a crowd

By Rebecca Lane - bio | email

RECTOR, AR (KAIT) - Families lined up Rector's main street for their annual Labor Day Parade.

Local celebrities, state representatives, and Rector residents showered the streets with candy, as the cleaning crew-children of the town---did their part to collect the clutter.  Waves and smiles were equally interchanged between the folks lining the street and the people parading it.  Everyone came out to celebrate this day of hard work.

The Arkansas State University Band pounded down the pavement as the flag line danced for the crowd.  Everyone could hardly hold their applause and cheers.

Only in the Rector parade could someone see not only an outhouse on wheels, but a hearse following a pumpkin.

Before festivities began, state representatives shook hands and addressed issues many folks had on their minds.  The hot topic of health care was discussed and each had something  to say.

"If people want to by health care or health insurance," Congressman Marion Berry stated, "They can buy it at an affordable price and without a heavy-handed government intrusion into anyone's life."

Representative Mike Patterson agreed that health care should be affordable, but disagreed about action that should take place.

"You've got a lot of people there that spends a lot of money that wants to keep it just like it is," Patterson claims, "The truth is that the average person cannot afford health care and so we need to do something to help the people out."

Their disagreement was merely a discussion as they soon hopped onto the bed of their trucks and joined in the parade.

This day was even more special for Rector resident, Demetra Shultz.

"I had more fun than anybody," Shultz claims, "I know it's an honor but I just never realized that I would ever do it."

Shultz was chosen as this year's Grand Marshall of the parade, and ever since she found out, she claims to have been on cloud nine.

Shultz was born in Paragould, but grew up In Rector.  Her family owned Elsass Creamery off of Main Street. During World War II, she moved to Walnut Ridge to work in an office.  It was there she met her husband, Clovis Shultz.  Soon after they were married, they moved back to Rector to raise their two kids. Shultz has been very active in the community her whole life and is proud of her town.  She encourages people to come to Rector, guaranteeing folks will love the town.

Today, her involvement in Rector won her a front seat to the town's parade.  She is flattered by the attention, but knows it will wear off soon.

"Tomorrow, I'll just be a has-been."

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