Weiner High School coping with death of student

By Rebecca Lane - bio | email

WEINER, AR (KAIT) - Weiner High School is mourning the loss of one of their own.

Fifteen-year old Miles L. Greeno was killed in an accidental shooting on Monday evening.  The accident happened near St. Anthony's Catholic Church on Kingshighway.

"The kids were in a pickup," Chuck Hanson explains, "He was trying to load a gun and somehow it went off."

Hanson is the superintendent at Weiner and, along with the rest of the community, is still reeling over the loss.

"It's hard to explain," He says, "It was a tragic accident."

Once Hanson learned of the incident Monday evening, he immediately went into action.  After visiting with the family and offering them any services the school could provide, he organized a meeting to take place Tuesday morning.

The Crisis Management Team, which consists of faculty and staff, came together at 7:15 a.m. Tuesday to assess what action needed to take place.  During the meeting, the information released from police was read so everyone was up to date on what had occurred.  Hanson says out of respect for Greeno's family, they wanted to put to rest any rumors or speculations.  The team then discussed how to handle the students and their grief.  Hanson instructed teachers to allow students to share their grief and anger, but to encourage focusing on school work and assignments.  He felt that each class should not sit and dwell on the events.

Several counselors from local schools offered their services.  Two former Weiner counselors, who now work at Valley View and Nettleton, came back to assist. Hanson explained how beneficial it was to have those counselors since they already knew the students.  Danny Sample, superintendent from Harrisburg, offered their counselors or anything else that could help.  Counselors from Family Inc. were also at the school for the students.  Hanson expressed great appreciation for everyone's help during this difficult time.

According to Hanson, the funeral will likely be held at the Weiner High School Gym due to the number they're expecting.  No date or time has been set.

Hanson hopes that the community learns something from Greeno's death, so that "it will keep something like this from ever happening again."

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