MAPC approves final development plan for new hospital

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) -- With the Metropolitan Area Planning Commission's approval of NEA Baptist Memorial Hospital's final development plan for the new hospital, Jonesboro Planning and Zoning Director Otis Spriggs, says the hospital can now move into the permits phase of the process.

"The actual permit documents or construction documents will now go out for bid once they are complete, and they will move into construction in the spring of next year," said Spriggs.

Spriggs says the final development plan approved by the MAPC Tuesday night is the last phase of the process, and that it will not go before the city council at this point.  Spriggs says the only way it would go back to the council or MAPC is if there were some major modifications to the preliminary plan that was approved with the rezoning.

"...But at this point, now that all the final drawings are done and they are meeting the spirit and intent of the preliminary plan, we can now move towards construction," said Spriggs.

The proposed site for that construction of the multi-million dollar facility is a 76 acre plot of land along Highway 49 North in Jonesboro.  It's land that Spriggs says could start undergoing changes very soon.

"We anticipate within the next two months that permit drawings would be submitted, and you would most likely see some sort of groundbreaking there after and the completion of the project would occur two years from that date in 2012," said Spriggs.


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