Leftover permits available for two WMA hunts

NASHVILLE, TN (TWRA) - The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency has announced there are leftover permits available for two Wildlife Management Area (WMA) hunts. The permits will go on sale on Sept. 9 at 8 a.m. (CDT).

The permits will be available for the following areas:

Hunt Code      Location                      Weapon Type             Dates          Total Available   30                    Laurel Hill                           Gun                        Dec. 4-6                 265

Antler restrictions apply; one deer, buck only   43                    Prentice Cooper

Archery                    Sept. 19-21             50          Two deer, no more than one antlered

The permits can be purchased online at the TWRA Web site, www.tnwildlife.org or at any TWRA licensing agent. The privilege codes are 331 for customers who have the Lifetime Sportsman (types 401 thru 406), Annual Sportsman (004), or the Senior Citizen License (type 165 or 166) combined with an Annual Senior Citizen Supplemental (Type 167). The code for all other license holders is 338 and the cost is $20. The receipt will serve as the permit and no permit will be mailed. No phone sales will be accepted.

Individuals can only obtain one permit. At TWRA REAL license agents, leftover permits will be sold at one per transaction.   Hunters cannot purchase leftover permits for an area from which they were selected in the regular drawing. Hunters can purchase permits for others as long as they have all their pertinent information. The same one permit allowance applies.