St. Bernards seeing more flu-like cases

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT)  - The emergency room of one Region 8 hospital is reporting more and more people coming in with flu-like symptoms.

St. Bernards Regional Medical Center staff says many are coming into their E.R. with the indicators of the flu. The staff credits the influx with the news on the H1N1 virus, also known as swine flu, but they aren't saying that these are cases of H1N1. Instead, it seems the paranoia has inspired people to be cautious.

But that caution could cause more problems that it could alleviate.

Kathryn Blackman, Assistant Vice President of Education at St. Bernards, tells Region 8 News that coming to the E.R. because you think you have the flu can be a bad idea because, "...what you're doing if you do (have the flu) is you're spreading the infection that you've got to other people."

Blackman says the best thing to remember when battling what seems to be the flu is to cover your mouth when coughing, clean your hands regularly and often and call-in sick to work or stay home from school when feeling under the weather. These "three Cs" can prevent others from getting sick as you recover.

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