GCT using stimulus cash for bus cameras

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

A new school year means new equipment in the Greene County Tech School District.

"The new camera system will really verify driver's needs, student's needs, and the safety of our kids," said Keith Davis.

Transportation Director Keith Davis says the new digital camera equipment will be paid for by stimulus money. Davis says they run 43 bus routes.  He says all of the district's buses will get the new cameras, replacing old VHS equipment.

"We're wanting a two camera system that can be upgraded to a four camera system.   All four cameras can be put inside the bus," said Davis.

Davis says one of the district's busses is already outfitted with camera's similar to the ones they're looking to buy for the rest of their fleet. He says advantages include a longer  recording time and large hard drives. He says camera reliability and a clear picture is key.

"Probably 60 to 65 percent of our routes are on gravel roads so the mounting systems for the hard drive has shock absorbers in it so you get a steadier picture," said Davis.

School officials say they hope to buy around 44 new cameras, and they have a goal right now of getting the cameras installed in the buses by around January.

"We feel like it's worth while to spend that money for that," said Rita Adams.

GCT Superintendent Rita Adams says she's an advocate of this 70 thousand dollar investment because it's equipment that can be added onto.

"We were looking at ways that we could spend our money wisely and that would provide the most services for our students," said Adams.

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