Flu not the only thing causing problems in Region 8

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Unless you live in a bubble or wear a protective suit, you can't escape being exposed to illness.

And some days it seems that everyone around you is sick with something.

We all know about the H1N1 Swine flu but what else is going around?

Asking a doctor what's going around gets you a shopping list of illnesses.

"We're seeing some mono, some run of the mill viruses like we typically see at this particular time with all the kids coming back to school. We're seeing some common Rhino virus and cold virus that we also see this time of year."

Of course the flu and some pneumonia as well as others.

Dr. Treece says with a lot of allergens in the air right now, head colds and sinus problems are common as well.

According to Doctor Treece their patient visits are up at the NEA clinic and Urgent Cares.

"It does seem like our illnesses are up this time from this time last year. It seems like our urgent cares are a little bit more busy and people are coming in a little more often than they would at this time."

Dr. Treece says this is especially true of parents.

"Where typical they would keep their kids at home and treat with Tylenol and Ibuprofen maybe coming to the doctor a little bit early to make sure everything's ok."

Most common illnesses can be treated at a clinic like NEA. But there are some conditions where you actually might want to go to the emergency room.

Treece, "Feeling bad like with pneumonia or not being able to keep food or water down, severely dehydrated you think. Those are the kinds of things we need to be seeing in the ER."

For most of us the flu is not cause for a trip to the Emergency Room.

Treece, "The flu does not need to be seen in an ER. It is not an emergency case . That is something your primary care physician or one of the urgent cares here in town can handle. "

Aside from having no contact with anything or anybody what precautions against illness do we need to be taking.

Treece, "Hand washing, not sharing germs, covering our mouths when we cough. Not coming to work whenever we're sick or running fevers so we don't share our germs with our co-workers."

All that common sense stuff.

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