WMA units 1 & 2 permits to be allocated for October hunts

NASHVILLE, TN (TWRA) - The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency has announced the Arnold Engineering Development Center (AEDC) Wildlife Management Area units 1 & 2 permits are going to be allocated for a shotgun deer hunt on Oct. 17-18, 2009 using a first come, first serve basis. The permits will go on sale at 8 a.m. (CDT) on Sept. 15.

Customers can only obtain one permit per hunt choice. There are two hunt choices for October. Customers can obtain one permit for each hunt choice for a total of two permits per person.   Hunters who purchase the permit are reminded that they will need to retain their receipt. The receipt will serve as the permit. No phone sales will be accepted.

The permits can be purchased through the TWRA Web site at www.tnwildlife.org by clicking "Buy a License Here"  icon located on the right side of the home page. The permits can also be purchased at any TWRA licensing agent. First come, first serve permits are sold one at a time per transaction.

The permits are without cost to those persons with lifetime sportsmen license, annual sportsmen license and seniors who have an annual supplemental license. For everyone else, the cost is $20 each, plus agent fee.

AEDC consists of 32,000 acres and is located in Coffee and Franklin Counties. Unit 1 was previously known as the TNARNG maneuver area. Unit 2 is the Camp Forrest area, from the golf course to UTSI road and Wattendorf Memorial Highway to the southern boundary.   The dates and hunt locations are as follows:

LOCATION  WEAPON     QUOTA  BAG LIMIT                                          DATE UNIT 1         SHOTGUN       100      2 deer, either sex                          10/17-18, 2009 UNIT 2         SHOTGUN       200      2 deer, either sex                          10/17-18, 2009