The Region 8 Ultimate Fighter

Memphis, TN (KAIT) - Two years ago, Mike Wessel was the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Now, the Jonesboro "Juggernaut" resident is in the midst of a promising career in MMA.

The 10th season of The Ultimate Fighting Championship's "The Ultimate Fighter" premieres Wednesday night, and Wessel is a Region 8 heavyweight connection to the popular Spike TV program.

He's not a stranger to the UFC though. Wessel fought in UFC 92 in December of 2008, losing to Antoni Hardonk by TKO. But he feels that that experience (fighting on 9 days rest) along with getting a chance on "The Ultimate Fighter" has taken his MMA career to the next level.

"This is a whole different perspective. More media, people get to see you more. I already have more fans that know about me", Wessel said.

The 6 foot, 260 pound heavyweight took advantage of the opportunity presented in front of him instead of training for another fight: "Joe Sullivan from UFC told my management at the time I wouldn't be fighting until August or September at the earliest, would I rather be on "The Ultimate Fighter"? Why not? Absolutely, you can be on national television every week. That's anybodys dream, especially in fighting. And it promotes me, and makes me more marketable."

The season premiere of "The Ultimate Fighter" airs Wednesday at 9pm CT. Stay tuned to Region 8 Sports to see how far Mike "Juggernaut" Wessel goes.