Foundation takes steps to wipe out H1N1

By Yalanda Young - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - The Foundation of Arts Center in Jonesboro serves nearly 1500 students a year and almost 500 people a day come through the door. That's a lot of germy coming in and out.

Heather Intres, the Educational Director for the Center, says they have seen a few cases of the flu already this year, and thier attendance has been lower the last few weeks.

"When we first heard of the Swine Flu virus, we started thinking, what can we do to keep our students safe? Because that's our number one priority, and anything we can do to prevent illness is very important to us."

Staff began installing hand sanitizer pumps in all 4 classrooms, cleaning and wiping down the barre as often as possible, and even sent home letters to all parents asking them to keep their children home if they are sick.

"The Arts are important in a child's life. But we want that child to be here and be healthy as much as possible. As soon as they come in a room, they sanitize their hands and they are washing their hands periodically throughout their class as well."

She wants to remind parents that it is safe to send your child to the Foundation of Arts Center and encourages others who are interested in classes to sign up.

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