Arkansas Attorney General's Office warns of new scam circulating

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"Everyone of our csr's has received an email explaining what the scam is and explaining what to do.   We've given them the attorney general's number to contact him if any member calls," said Vice President of Corporate Services, Danny Pridmore.

The Arkansas Attorney General's Office is warning consumers about what they're calling a scam targeting utility customers, especially electric cooperative customers, in Arkansas.

According to the attorney general's office, the scam works in a couple of ways.

One, targets seniors.  The caller says there's a credit coming the customer's way after he or she gives personal information like social security numbers.   Another way, according to Dustin McDaniel's office, callers claiming to be co-op representatives say they need credit card and other personal numbers, or the customer risks interrupted service.

"We never call our members and demand payment.   We always send a written notification through the United States Post Office.   We do send servicemen out to collect past due bills, but they're in a Craighead Electric truck and their indentifiable," said Pridmore.

Pridmore says so far they haven't gotten any questions about suspicious calls.  He says they're doing their part to keep customers' information safe.

"We do not give out customer information.   We do not allow anyone to contact us about a customer account without verifying their information first," said Pridmore.

Pridmore says Craighead Electric serves around 28,000 customers.  He says with the growing threat of fraud and theft out there, if you get a suspicious call or you're just a little curious-- he says better safe than sorry.

"Any customer service rep will be happy to answer any questions you have," said Pridmore.

For more information from Craighead Electric Cooperative Corporation call 1-800-794-5012.  If you would like information from the Arkansas Attorney General's office, that number is 501-682-2007.

Tips to help avoid becoming a victim, provided by the Arkansas Attorney General's Office include:

Don't give out personal information to anyone you don't know or trust

Review your utility companies policies and procedures

Never be afraid to say "No", even if a caller is threatening or rude

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