Flooding on County Road 620

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -Tuesday afternoon's heavy rains quickly filled ditches and low lying areas. One neighborhood surrounding County Road 620 has a severe flooding problem in weather like this.

I sloshed along behind Lonnie Simpson into his backyard, where there was still a lot of standing water covering the grass.

"This has been 4 times this has happened in the past year or so and we need something done."

All around this block of houses along County Road 620 water flowed to the East.

Andy Rainbelt says this is a pretty common problem.

"It'll come all the way up to the house, take up the whole driveway and soak the neighbors yards, everything."

Rainbelt's house is at the end of the block, water flows down his street as well as the block behind him.

The problem is a large ditch that runs on the South side of the houses right behind Simpson's house.

Simpson, "The ditch itself is about 12 feet deep from bank to the bottom."

One of the big problems with this ditch is this thing that looks like a beaver dam right behind Simpson's house. The water hits that, diverts and comes into his yard and goes out into the rest of the neighborhood.

Simpson says the ditch has a lot of ice storm debris still in it. He has tried to clear some out but.

"Some of the trees are awful big. Fell off the bank and trees have fell in the ditch it just needs cleaned out bad."

Other residents in the neighborhood say they have asked County Judge Dale Haas to get the ditch cleaned out but so far nothing has happened.

Rainbelt, "They were supposed to clean it out but who knows."

Simpson and his neighbors just want the problem fixed before the next heavy rains.

"And we'd appreciate any assistance we can get. From the county judge or whoever it needs to be."

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