Flash flooding problems

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Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) - Rainfall totals have varied all across Region 8 the last few days. The Jonesboro Airport has picked up nearly four inches of rain, but other areas have seen much more than that. Craighead County Road Superintendent L.M. Duncan said the heavy rain causes a lot of problems.

Duncan said, "In some cases the driveway tiles are too small for the ditches and so water has to go up over the road. When it does that, it washes gravel off into the road ditch and it causes problems all the way down then."

According to David Moore with the Craighead County Office of Emergency Management there are other factors that cause flash flooding.

Moore said, "Anytime we start building lots of houses, that takes up area that normally would absorb some of that water and kind of curtail the runoff.  Now it has to go somewhere, so it hits the ditches and here it goes."

Duncan said debris from this year's ice storm has also played a role.

Duncan said, "There is still a lot of debris in what we call the private property ditches where our water runs into, down through the fields. That's still a problem because they're still stopped up."

Duncan said many people call them about ditches that are full of debris and are flooded. But since they are on private property the county cannot clean them out.

The road department has been working hard to remove excess debris that may have washed into the drain pipes or ditches. When they receive a call they usually get to the problem as soon as possible. Meanwhile, more rain is in the forecast.

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