A lot of Commercial land along Highway 49 up for sale

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Ever since the announcement a new hospital would be built on Highway 49, "for sale" signs have been popping up all along the road.  For a long time property owners on highway 49 have been waiting for their time.

"It is a major artery between Jonesboro and Paragould," said real estate Broker Fred Dacus.

Take a trip down the highway and you'll see multiple commercial properties for sale.  Fred Dacus of Fred Dacus Associates said there's a good reason for the increased interest from buyers and sellers.

"Baptist Hospital Systems has announced a rather large complex in that area, but traffic has been increasing out there for years and it's just a natural progression," said Dacus.

Dacus said the two cities continue to grow closer together, something that has happened in other parts of Arkansas.

"You can hardly tell when you drive from Little Rock to North Little Rock or from Benton to Cabot and it's going to be that way between Jonesboro and Paragould," said Dacus.

There are several businesses that have been on Highway 49 for a while but more should be joining them soon.

"There is a lot of commercial action in various stages in progress out there," said Dacus.

Dacus said as the months continue and you start to see progress at the hospital site, it is likely more property could go up for sale.

"As Will Rogers said, 'they ain't making any more of the land,' and if the demand is going up that just means the value of the property is increasing also," said Dacus.

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