Is the recession really over?

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

Jonesboro, AR (KAIT) "Not getting any worse--leveled off, but no I see no improvement," said Region 8 resident, Rhonda Curbo.

"I think they're getting better, but I don't think by any means they're over with yet," said Sonia Mans.

Sonya Mans, like millions of others, has been personally affected by a slow economy.

Sonya went back to school.  She says she wants a more secure future and job.  She says she's lucky to have the job she has now, because she knows nearly 10 percent of all Americans don't have jobs at all.

"We know that historically, employment is the last thing to increase," said Dr. Dan Marburger.

ASU Economics Professor Dr. Dan Marburger says there are indicators though that things are turning around.  For example, an increase in industrial production.   He says in a recession production tends to fall, but now it's rising.

"Also, what we call our capacity utilization rate, which is a percentage of our available capacity that we're using, is just under 70 percent now and it's rising," said Dr. Marburger.

Marburger says even in the best of times  companies will have lay offs or even shut down all together, but he says on net there will be more people returning to work than losing their jobs to lay offs or companies closing.

"The idea is can we make due with what we've got? If the answer is no, what do we need to do? Like I said, pay overtime, hire some part time people, but sooner or later it's going to be, well we need to just go out and start hiring people again," said Marburger.

For Rhonda Curbo she says she's not convinced by any means the recession is a thing of the past; However, she's taking a positive approach into the future.

"If you've survived this long, you can survive the rest of it," said Curbo.

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