Suspicious white van possibly targeting children in Izard County

By Josh Harvison and Rebecca Lane

MELBOURNE, AR (KAIT) - Izard County residents are being warned to keep a closer eye on their children.

Izard County officials were notified Monday of a white van that had approached a young girl on Morrison Street.  The grandmother of the girl is the one who alerted authorities, saying that the driver of the van frightened her granddaughter.  The description of the van was older, assumed to be 1990s model, with a broad black stripe down the middle.

Once this information was made known, officials contacted local day cares and elementary schools to alert them.

Lori Loggains, principal at Melbourne Elementary, was made aware of this suspicious van that was possibly targeting children.

'The sheriff's office," she explains, "notified us that there had been a white van seen in town that had possibly been approaching some children."

Loggains said school officials were informed to tighten up security measures and make sure children were not being picked up by anyone unknown-measures that Loggains claims are already in place.

"The duty teachers know to be on the lookout," she claims, "We load cars so I know who is going in each car."

Loggains claims administrators have not seen anything, but continue to keep a closer eye on their students.

"Anytime that the parent's feel their children are not safe or in danger," she explains, "I am concerned because these are my kids too. When they come in my door, then they belong to me while they're here on this campus."

"We're not trying to alarm folks," Izard County Sheriff Tate Lawrence claims,"We're trying to inform more than alarm."

Sheriff Lawrence assures that since the original complaint, there have been no more incidents.  Authorities took note of one van that was similar to the description given.  Once a picture was taken, they showed the picture to the woman who made the complaint, but she confirmed that it was not the van. Sheriff Lawrence says his team and residents simply need to take extra precautions and keep an eye out for the van.

Loggains is making sure her team is doing their part.

"We're just going to take care of everybody's kids. We want them to know they're safe."

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