Watch D.O.G.S. are being unleashed on campuses

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PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - Father-figures are being asked to go back to school!

The Watch D.O.G.S. (Dads Of Great Students) is a nation-wide program aiming to provide positive role-models to students.  Fathers or father-figures are able to spend the day at their child's school and take part in classes, help teachers with work, play at recess, and any other assistance the school needs. Lunch, however, is set aside for time with their own child.

"It's like having another set of eyes," Randy Oxford explains, "It's an extra sense of security knowing I've got a male-figure watching out for these kids."

Oxford is the Assistant Principal at Greene County Tech Primary School in Paragould.  He has witnessed the positive effects of this program at two different schools-the elementary and know the primary.

"Some of these children don't have that father-figure in their life," Oxford explains, "When that dad walks in, their eyes light up.  He's a superstar."

Watch D.O.G.S.  volunteer a minimum of one day during the duration of the school year.  They will do any jobs the teacher needs whether it be helping in assignments, or sitting with a rowdy child.  Dads are encouraged to join the students on the playground. Oxford says there is always something for them to do.

Each school has different regulations as to what the fathers can and cannot do.  These men are not allowed to go into boy's or girl's restrooms, be alone or unsupervised with a student, espouse political or religious beliefs to students, or smoke on campus.

Oxford says the pride and demeanor of not only the male-figure but of that figure's child is witnessed by all.

"If we can get a dad here one day, more than likely he will come back."

The Primary will hold a registration meeting at the primary cafeteria Tuesday, September 22, from 6 to 8 pm.

The Intermediate will hold their meeting next Monday, September 28, from 6 to 8 pm in the cafeteria.

If someone is interested but not able to attend the meeting, they are encouraged to call Rebecca Murray of the Primary School.

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