Winston Churchill's Great Grandson Pays Region 8 a Visit

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -Sir Winston Churchill led Britain through the terrible years of World War 2.

Forever giving him a place of honor in history.

But does the impact Churchill had on the world still remain in the forefront?

His great grandson Jonathan Sandys (sands) wants to make sure.

Sandys was on the A-state campus today as part of ASU's lecture series.

Sandys "I'm here to speak about my great-grandfather, to promote education not as it is but as I believe it should be."

Being a descendant of Winston Churchill might make a person a bit stuffy. Nope, not in the least, but Sandys, like his famous forefather is energizing and motivating.

Sandys told Louis Intres American History class, that history and the world would be much different without Winston Churchill.

Sandys "Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, John Adams, Margaret Thatcher, Nelson Mandela and other great leaders in this world. It would all be irrelevant."

Since he was born after his grandfathers death how did Sandys come to know him?

"With History you get a chance to look at 2 perspectives. You can look at the for party or you can look at the against party. There were times when I agreed and times when I disagreed so that's really how I've learned."

Sophomore Tosha Hill says Churchill needs to be important in American History.

Hill, "I do believe they stop teaching. They go over him in elementary and junior high schools.>

In his countries worst time Churchill often stood alone. Inspirational then, inspirational now.

Hill, "Definitely the inspiration of wanting to do more. Stand up in what you believe in."

Sandys, "Great grandfather always warned that if a nation that forgets it's past is doomed to repeat it. And I'm determined to make sure that we don't face a third world war because we don't know the past and we can't recognize the next Adolph Hitler when he comes along."

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