ASU-Newport tops 2000 students

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"When jobs are slow--you have to  find something to do," said Justin Wilson.

So Wilson enrolled in ASU Newport's High Voltage Lineman program.  It's one of their fast growing programs.

"Well over 100 people applied for the positions, so the competition was tough to get in," said Clay Fulton.

Fulton is a teacher in the High Voltage Lineman program.  30 students did get in and Fulton says when they get out--the jobs will be waiting.  It's job security that Fulton says is an attraction.

"There's always a need for lineman--as long as there's electricity, storms and everything else, it's never going to go away," said Fulton.

"For an institution over a five-year period to have an 82-percent increase in student enrollment  is significant for the institution," said ASU-Newport Chancellor, Dr. Larry Williams.

Dr. Williams says he attributes the record enrollment of 2000 plus in part to programs designed with the intent of being  completed in one or two years then often times the student can go straight to work.  To help even more, Dr. Williams says they  have industrial advisory committees for most of their technical programs and dialogue with industry leaders in the area as well.

"Talking with those individuals relative to their projected needs for the future and preparing our students for that broad base that they need to be successful," said Williams.

School officials say health care programs at ASU-Newport continue to increase in size annually as well,  with jobs in health care almost always available somewhere.  For Justin Wilson, he says it's comforting to know the training he's getting now, will take him well into the future.

"You come into this school for a year, and then you walk out and you're pretty much guaranteed a job," said Wilson.

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