Kennett schools ready for disaster

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

KENNETT, MO (KAIT) - In Kennett, the faculty and staff want to be as ready as they possibly can be no matter what happens.  The school teachers and faculty teamed up with the Missouri Center for Safe Schools to come up with a disaster drill plan.  Now that plan has been made into a video to teach other schools what to do.

"We know that in the event we had to be ready, we would be ready," said teacher Sande Crunk.

Crunk teaches history to 8th graders and if a disaster hits she knows what to do to keep her kids safe.

"We're on the third floor and in the event of a disaster or emergency you don't have time to stop and think," said Crunk.

Countless drills and hours of training have made her, other teachers and students ready.  Principal Ward Billings said this plan and practice provides everyone a sense of security.

"If students are beginning to evacuate the building and all the sudden there were after shocks students are prepared how to train for that," said Billings.

"We have red and green cards which we can immediately flash and show from quite a distance whether or not we are accountable for all our students and if they're safe and with us," said Crunk.

There are five emergency response teams:  the security team, the first aid team, the search and rescue team, family reunification team and mental health team.  Emergency supply buckets are kept in each classroom and other emergency supplies are stored on campus.

"Five years ago if we have an earthquake you drop and cover and go outside and get away from the building, now everything is systematic," said teacher Chad Pritchett.

Principal Billings said they are using a national template for their disaster drill and that drill is now featured in this video that will be shown in Missouri schools statewide.  There is still some of the $126,000 grant money left that they will use between now and December.  They would like to add more survival tools to the emergency kits and spread this specific plan farther into the other schools in the district.

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