Public meeting to focus on silver carp problem in Lake Chicot

LAKE VILLAGE, AR (AGFC) - Problems with silver carp in Lake Chicot will be the focus of a public meeting in Lake Village today. Silver carp are one of four Asian carp species that have been introduced into the United States. Unlike the other three carp species, silver carp have a tendency to jump out of the water.

To address this problem, the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission has scheduled a public meeting on Sept. 24 to present the options for dealing with the carp problem. According to AGFC district fisheries supervisor Diana Andrews, one plan to deal with the problem is a silver carp kill. "Unfortunately, vibrations from boat motors seem to trigger the jumping and motoring through silver carp-infested waters can become dangerous when 20 pound fish are jumping out of the water and sometimes into the boat," Andrews said.

Arkansas has been lucky in that the numbers of silver carp in the state's waters, Andrews noted. "The numbers have not been high enough to create a real problem until the last few years. The numbers of silver carp in Lake Chicot have increased over the last few years and are now causing a problem," she explained.

The AGFC has developed a management plan for silver carp in Lake Chicot that will be presented at the public meeting that will begin at 7 pm at the Chicot County Courthouse. All interested parties are encouraged to attend. For more information, contact the AGFC Southeast Regional Office toll-free at (877) 367-3559.