Paragould School District busy spending stimulus dollars

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Paragould High School broadcast teacher, Michelle Dubar, has a long wish list.

"I've got 90 students a day.   I've got three cameras and three computers," said Dubar.

This district has their own student run channel on their local cable system. Ram Channel 27 runs Paragould games, and has a message board announcing things like community events.  Thanks to stimulus money, Ram Channel 27 will soon see improvements.

"We are going to make the signal that comes to people's TV's in their homes look better," said Dubar.

Dubar says the money will buy new software for those improvements and help with renovations.

"I was like wow this is a dream come true," said Dubar.

"We examined the district as a whole, very thoroughly, very carefully," said Dr. Aaron Hosman, Paragould School District Superintendent.

In all, the district will receive about 3 point one million dollars in stimulus money according to Dr. Hosman. Money that has to be spent Dr. Hosman says by the end of next year.

"We looked at each building, we involved building principals, we involved our technology department, we involved transportation,' said Dr. Hosman.

Dr. Hosman says the money will be used on things like energy efficient upgrades, renovations to buildings, even building brand new P.E.  facilities at Woodrow Wilson and Baldwin Elementary schools.

"To complete many of the projects we are undertaking, it would probably take 5 years out of district funds--if ever," said Dr. Hosman.

Hosman says the Ram Channel will receive around 200 thousand dollars.  Money  Michelle Dubar says they'll benefit from while they're in the classroom and long after they're gone.

"That's the goal of the money is to make sure that these students are up to date and far ahead of any student, any program in the state," said Dubar.

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