Toll-free number is a must for deer and turkey hunters

LITTLE ROCK, AR (AGFC) - Deer and turkey hunters will want to keep one number handy as they head into the woods. It's a number required for taking a buck, a doe or a turkey.

The number is (877) 507-4263 and it's toll-free. Call it from anywhere when you are ready to check your deer or turkey. The toll-free number is part of the new checking system of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission - replacing the check stations that were used for years.

If you are an over-65 hunter or a younger-than-16 hunter, you will do well to write this number down and keep it in your billfold. The number is in the Hunting Guidebook of the AGFC if you carry that with you and is also on the game tags in the Guidebook.

For others with wildlife conservation licenses or sportsmen's licenses, the checking number is on the tags.

Checking of deer and turkey can be done two ways - the call to (877) 507-4263 or online at When you've finished checking your game, you'll be given a check number that must be recorded on the license. So make sure you have a pen ready.