A new scam is targeting Veterans

By Rebecca Lane - bio | email

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - Veterans are being shown gratitude in a new way-by being scammed!

"I think the laws are way too lenient on people who pull these kinds of scams."

John Kennett is the Greene County Veteran's Service Officer.  He explains he has no patience with people who scam our veterans.

The scam that is circulating is a phone scam.  The scam artist claims to be from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.  They inform the veteran that their prescription medication policies have changed and they need personal information.  Once the information is given, the scam artist takes everything.

Kennett explains that the men and women who use VA for their medication need are already on low income and have no extra money.  When a scam like this comes along and takes what little they have, Kennett explains there's only one thing consequence for the scammers.

"They should be drawn and quartered."

Kennett assures that the VA office will never ask for personal information in this manner and if anyone has any questions, they are welcome to call the VA's office.

There are also useful resources located on the Arkansas Veterans website as well as the National Veterans website.

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