Busy days ahead for lottery retailers

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

Some just threw their lottery tickets in the trash, for others, they were a ticket for cash.

"I'm just playing it now because my neighbor said she won some money and that's why I'm playing it," said Kimberly Stevenson.

For many Region 8 retailers, the rush hit early Monday morning, and it didn't slow down.

"As soon as I unlocked the doors at 6 a.m,  there were people there waiting in line to buy lottery tickets," said Kum & Go Manager, Cindy Cole.

"Some people were just buying one and we've had people buy 50 to 100 tickets at time," said Cole.

Cole estimates between 700 and 800 tickets sold by Monday afternoon.  Across Arkansas, it's expected more than 450 thousand dollars in prizes have been awarded.  Cole says having lived and worked in states with a lottery in place, she knew what to expect.

For first time lottery player  Tosha Hill, she says curiosity led her to buy and she walked out a winner.

"I'll buy one and see what it does, and I have won six dollars," said Hill.

For Tammy Ishmael, who's been taking a chance on the games of chance for years,  she says she's glad her dollars are now staying in Arkansas.

"Since it's going towards college and schools, I just had a child graduate in May, so I'm glad it's going towards that," said Ishmael.

Kimberly Stevenson says while she's never played the lottery before, it's a chance she's willing to take.

"When I scratch it off and win some money--that will be it--I'll be back tomorrow," said Stevenson.

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