Staying safe while heating your home

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"If people can know to keep things away from your heating source, the better off they'll be," said Jonesboro Fire Department Fire Marshal, Eric Simmons.

With many of us flipping the A/C off and the heat on over the next few weeks, Simmons says make sure heat sources like space heaters are used with caution and care.

"You really want to give them space.   You want to give them around 3 feet of space around it," said Simmons.

Simmons urges people not to put them too close to curtains, clothes, a bed, or anything that could catch on fire.  Some say it's best just to turn them off when you leave a room or go to bed.  He says don't rely on a stove or oven as a heat source either.

Kevin Williams at Kevin's Heating & Air says his best advice is to have a professional make sure your home's heating unit is in working order. He says do that at least once a year--it could even prevent something as serious as carbon monoxide poisoning.

"You need to have this checked and a check throughout the house to make sure it's not coming in the house.   It's going out the vent," said Williams.

Finally,  Simmons says if you're going to use something like a generator to heat your home--make sure it's in the right place.

"Please have them out where they're not going to have carbon monoxide fill up your house.  Keep them outside the house and make sure they're ventilated well.

The Jonesboro Fire Department provides smoke alarms, batteries, and even helps in installation for Jonesboro residents. Volunteer departments in Craighead County and the Jonesboro Fire Department are working together to expand the service.  For more information, call the Jonesboro Fire Department at 932-2428.

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