CRC searching for name for Student Center

By Yalanda Young - bio | email feedback

PARAGOULD, AR (KAIT) - A new student center is set to open in 6 months on the Crowley's Ridge College campus, but the facility remains nameless.

Ken Hoppe, President of CRC, says with the projected cost of more than $250,000 for the facility, they are hoping for a large donation to help aid in the naming process.

"The naming structure will probably be named for the foundation or for the individual that ends up contributing a sizeable gift for the completion of the center. A donation of $250,000 will assure you the naming rights."

The new student center will be an addition to the Gay Carter Activities Center where various activities, including athletics, are held now. It will include a student lounge, a concession stand and a new lobby.

"Our students and the members of the community really need a place to go during games and other events at CRC. Right now, they have to huddle on the sidelines or the baselines of the basketball court."

He says the concession stand will serve two purposes.

"Like many concession stands, it will be open during games. But with many of our students living on campus, it will also serve as a grill in the evenings if students want to get a burger or something."

Hoppe says if the weather permits, they hope to have the facility open by early Spring.

For more information about the college and the naming process, go to their website.

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