If police catch you texting while driving, you could face a fine

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

"The purpose of the law was to make the highway safer for drivers," said Lieutenant Robert Speer with Arkansas State Police.

"It's called Paul's Law and starting October 1st, texting while driving is against the law.  That means if police catch you texting while driving you could be issued a ticket and face a fine.

"The burden of proof is on law enforcement to prove that you have violated the law, so it would be the officers responsibility to prove his case if he pulls you over to issue you a citation, ticket, a verbal warning or a written warning," said Speer.

Speer says it's not about writing tickets.  He says it's about educating people that taking your eyes off the road for even just a couple of seconds can be very dangerous, even deadly.

"Talk about it with their family members and say just think about how many times I have done that.   Run off the road or almost ran through a red light or a stop sign.   Think about what would happen to them personally," said Speer.

With things like road conditions now being offered at sites like Twitter, much needed information can be accessed through your phone.  Speer says they are extremely useful tools, but he adds they must be used in a responsible way.

"Pull off in the parking lot, pull off on the off ramp, somewhere where it's safe, where you can read these messages, and that's what we're asking people to do," said Speer.

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