ASU’s Muse featured on ESPN’s College GameDay

JONESBORO, AR - Many know Arkansas State freshman wide receiver Allen Muse has overcome tremendous adversity to be playing for the Red Wolves this season, but his story went national when ESPN's College GameDay showcased the courageous account of his path to the football field with the Red Wolves.

Prior to signing with ASU, Muse was a survivor of Hurricane Katrina and a record-setting pass catcher at Leesville, La., High School where he had wound up after the storm. After signing with the Red Wolves, a physical followed by further tests uncovered a problem with Muse's heart. Extra tissue was restricting blood flow and making the heart work harder than it should.

On Sept. 11, 2008 Muse went into major surgery not knowing if he would be able to play football again, but six months later he was working out with the ASU football team during its spring camp. Now fully recovered, Muse has played in all three games this season as a true freshman and is playing a major role on the team as a key receiver.

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