Walks for Remembrance and Hope

Jonesboro, AR (KAIT)- Many residents in Jonesboro gathered at the Craighead Forest Park Lake Saturday morning for two walks of rememberance.

On the Northside of the Lake, the Alzheimer's Association was holding their memory walk.

Family members, caregivers and health professionals came together to raise funds and take part in a show of support for those who suffer from the crippling disease.

Operations manager of the Alzheimers Association, Mirisha Dicarll says "People come out to remember their loved ones, enjoy this beautiful weather, to raise funds and just have a nice day just remembering those who have suffered with this disease and trying to make a difference in lives of those that will suffer from it eventually."

On the Southside of the Lake, it was also the first walk in rememberance for those children who never had a chance at life.  Family members, friends and supporters gathered by the shore of the Lake to join as one family to share each others losses.

The monumental turnout showed that the need for this type of organization in this area has been long needed.

"A mission to help indivisuals who have suffered a pregnancy loss or a young child due to SIDS.  It helps with grief resolution and to help just get through this process with support groups information and just helping the individuals learn to deal with their grief" says Kim Provost, Director of fundraising and events for the NEA Charitable Foundation.

Over 200 people participated in today's walks around Craighead Forest Lake.

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