History based children's book about Jonesboro released

By Brandi Hodges - bio | email

JONESBORO (KAIT) -For some learning history isn't a lot of fun!  However, in honor of Jonesboro's 150th birthday, one Jonesboro woman has taken the history of the city and written it into a book that those young and old can enjoy.

"How Jonesboro Got it's Name" is the book, Sister Henrietta Hockle, who is known for knowing her history is the author.

"As a native Jonesbourian I am happy I can do this.  I grew up here," said Hockle.

This whole process got started during a planning meeting for the Sesquicentennial celebration.

"I said I would be interested in taking it trying it and it just evolved," said Hockle.

What evolved is now capturing the interest of our future.  We pass our stories on to future generations so that our history survives.

"I learned that Jonesboro, the builders began on August 23rd, 1859," said Brayden Box.

Brayden Box and his little sister are two of the kids that are learning the history from Sister Hockle.

"I like to know about the past our country our state our towns," said Box.

"I'm happy that the children were interested they will be here for the Bicentennial.  I won't," said Hockle.

This book is based on our parents and our grandparents and everyone else who has come before.

"The wonderful people that have helped build Jonesboro today," said Hockle.

"It's our history and it is something the kids can keep with them for years to come," said Ginger Fears.

A copy of the book was given to each child to take home with them.  Sister Hockle even stayed behind to sign copies of the book for children.

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