COPY-Letterman issues public apology to wife on Monday "Late Show"

NEW YORK (AP) - David Letterman apologized to his wife during taping of Monday night's CBS Late Show," saying she had been "horribly hurt by my behavior."
The late-night host vowed to repair his relationship with his wife, Regina Lasko.
"Let me tell you folks, I got my work cut out for me," said Letterman, according to an early transcript of the program released by CBS.
Monday's show was the first show taped by Letterman since Thursday, when he disclosed that he had had sexual relationships with women who worked for him, and that he had been the victim of an alleged $2 million blackmail threat.
Letterman also apologized to his staff for the situation.
Audience members who attended the taping say Letterman spoke at length about the situation.  In numerous interviews following the show's afternoon taping, members said Letterman led his monologue by speaking about the situation in tones both serious and comedic.
Brian Lakari, who attended the taping at the Ed Sullivan Theater, said Letterman gave "a sincere apology" to his wife and to the women working on his show. Lakari said Letterman also joked frequently about it, including with guests Steve Martin and Martin Short.
This edition of "The Late Show" will air Monday night at 10:35 on KFVS12.
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