Friends forever tied together with pink ribbons

by Diana Davis email | bio


Ribbons may seem insignificant at a dry cleaners--with the thousands of pieces of clothing brought in every day.  But, not at one Jonesboro business where the employees are forever tied together with "pink"... and a little "ink."

Stacy Arnold is getting a tattoo.  Not for herself... but, for her friend and boss, Tina Patton. Tina was diagnosed September 3rd with breast cancer.

"It was laying on my chest bone and it was invasive," explained Tina.

After her mastectomy, Tina needs chemotherapy and radiation.  So to smooth the wrinkles that have come in her life, Tina's friends wanted to show their support.  Last weekend, they decided this would be it...a pink ribbon tattoo.

"I'd never been in a tattoo parlor," laughed Tammy Decker, a dry clean presser for Magic Touch dry cleaners.

"She told us we couldn't shave our heads," explained Mary Huisman, also a dry clean presser.

"All they seen was a bunch of old women coming in there, getting tattoos.  I'll be 51 next month.  This is my first," said Cindy Barber, Asst. Mgr. of the Magic Touch location on Caraway and Race.

"Tina's a real good boss," said Teresa Lytle, a dry clean assembler.  "She's a real good manager and I wanted to show to do something to show her that I care."

This morning Tina found out.

"She came in this morning and got on the intercom and said all girls up front and then we just pulled down our shirts and showed our tattoos," said Mary.

"I didn't know until today and they pulled me together," explained Tina.  "And all of them showed me what they had went and done."  She wiped a tear from her eyes.

"This is what we do for her," said Sherry Prestidge, a dry clean assembler.  "We fight for her."

"You don't know who your friend are until they do something like this," said Tina.  "And then you really know and that they do care."

Many stepped out of their comfort zone.

"I was scared," said Cindy.  "If I would have had teeth, I would have bit my fingernails!"

All for a friend they don't want to live without.

"Just knowing what we did for her feels good in the heart," said Pam Vosell, a dry clean presser.  "It goes a long way deep down."

Tina does not have health insurance.  Her friends and co-workers are collecting donations at Magic Touch dry cleaner locations throughout Jonesboro and at the Zen Factory--where a portion of the proceeds from each tattoo will go back to pay Tina's medical care.

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