Students say bugs big-time problem at ASU apartment

By Josh Harvison - bio | email

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - Officials with Arkansas State University told Region 8 News Wednesday problems with bugs and insects at the Red Wolf Den Apartment complex across from North Park Quads have been addressed. According to students who live on the first floor of the complex, tiny bugs have made their way into the collegiate living quarters.

"On Monday, they were treated. we have a quick response when students send in a work order, and that's one of the things we have them do, is to send in a work order so we'll know and it puts on alert to go ahead and start addressing the issue," said Dr. Rick Stripling, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs.

According to Stripling, students can fill out work order request forms on the university's web-site. They can address issues such as bug infestation and other problems with residences.

Stripling said 3,000 students live on campus in Jonesboro. Region 8 News spoke to a school pest control employee off camera who said some students aren't as cleanly as others.

"This time of year, obviously the weather sometimes causes, with the climate change, for bugs to start moving around, looking for a warmer climate, that kind of thing," said Stripling. "It'll come up from time to time. Sometimes they're generated by things we may bring into an apartment and anything from fruits and things that can cause bugs to surface."

Stripling asks students to be studious in trying to keep their areas clean so that it doesn't encourage bugs.

Lauren Theis told Region 8 News that bugs about the size of a flea were found near the lamps above her stove.

"When you cook, it's pretty much impossible to keep them away. They attack your food as soon as you sit it out and try to start eating. It's gross," said Theis. "The other day when I was getting out of bed, I flipped my sheets out and bugs started crawling out from underneath my sheets."

Theis said cooler temperatures recently have forced the bug problem to deteriorate. She blamed the problem on seals around the apartment's doors and windows.

"It's worse than I've lived on campus my whole time here, and it's not been this bad anywhere else," said Theis. "We let residence life know and they came and sprayed. They've come around a few times asking if we want them to spray, so we tell them, you know, of course we do."

Theis said several people who live in her apartment throw out their trash in the halls. Region 8 News found empty hamburger boxes, French fry cartons and cupcake wraps.

"The only thing that we've tried to do is keep all our food up, keep the trash taken out, not put food in the trash, put it down the disposal and clean that out," said Theis.

"They stay around the sinks and even in the living room and the bedrooms, everywhere, they look kind of like flea and they don't fly I believe," said Michael Belt.

Belt also lives in the Wolf Den Apartments.

"We try to keep everything covered and put up and we don't leave food out on the counters, so we're not attracting bugs openly but they're still a big problem," said Belt. "People do need to pick up their stuff. We keep our part of the hall clean but there are still others that leave their trash out for some reason."

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