Current Arkansas deer harvest now available online

LITTLE ROCK, AR (AGFC) - Deer hunters interested in studying the state's deer harvest can now get real-time data on the season. Hunters can check the deer harvest numbers at

The information is available as a result of the agency's use of the online and telephone checking system for deer. The new telephone checking system replaced the old check stations that were in use for many years.

In addition to ease of use, faster data processing and real-time data reporting, the new process has enabled the AGFC to analyze the deer harvest by date. According to the AGFC's Assistant Chief of Operations Matt Hodges, the information will allow the agency to chart trends during the season. "It also will provide valuable details about the effects of season structure on harvest," Hodges said.

Hodges said the information hunters are providing is invaluable to the agency. "It is critical that hunters provide us accurate data and give us all of the information requested - especially birth dates," he explained.

To provide the information over a cell phone, hunters must call from an area where a cell phone signal is strongest. "Hunters have 24 hours to check their game, so we're asking people using a cell phone to go to a location with a signal stronger than one bar. Hunters need a good signal so their information comes through as strong as possible on the system," Hodges said. "It's not going to work if you don't have the signal strength," he added.

As of right now, checking deer can be done in one of two ways, the call to (877) 507-4263 or online at In the near future there will be a third option. The AGFC is currently waiting on approval from Apple for release of its new iPhone application.

When you've finished checking your game, you'll be given a check number that must be recorded on the license. So make sure you have a pen ready. Once you have finished entering all the required information, the system will provide you with a check number that must be immediately written on your hunting tag. After three failed attempts you will have the option to connect with a live operator who can assist you.