Standoff ends peacefully


The Bay School District went into lockdown today during a police standoff due to the close proximity of the home to the school.

Around eight this morning officers responded to a call from a female resident claiming her husband was keeping her in the home against her will.

She phoned police after she managed to escape the house which was located on Fielder Street, about one block away from the Bay School Campus.

Officers surrounded the home and made contact with the suspect inside.

Police Chief David Kelly says he was finally persuaded to surrender, "We set a perimeter up and made contact with him by telephone. After a brief conversation he hung up on me. Called him several more times. We finally made contact with his dad who in turn called him. The suspect in the house called us back and managed to talk him out, took him into custody without incident."

Officers arrested Matthew Treadaway on false imprisonment and domestic abuse charges.

Bay School Superintendent Chip Layne tells Region 8 news that students were never in danger.

The lockdown was simply a precaution due to the close location of the incident.