Jonesboro Animal Control seeing spike in stray dogs

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"If the humane society is full, then they have no room.   NAFA tries to work as hard as they can to assist the people...they're great.   We can only do so much.   It's time for the people, the citizens to take responsibility," said Sergeant Larry Rogers, Jonesboro Animal Control Supervisor.

At Jonesboro Animal Control, Supervisor Larry Rogers says they are at capacity.

"Our officers are steadily bringing more animals in daily," said Rogers.

Rogers says he believes some people are coming into the city from the county to dump their dogs.  He says they may be of the mind set that Jonesboro Animal Control will pick them up and care for them.  Rogers warns anyone caught abandoning their animal, leaving it with no food, water, or shelter,  could face consequences.

"That is a Class A misdemeanor crime and it is punishable," said Rogers.

Last year the city picked up 1,612 hundred stray dogs.  This year, they've already picked up 1,256 and project by the end of 2009 they will have picked up approximately 1700.  These figures don't include animals surrendered by their owners. Rogers says they work tirelessly to get these animals adopted nationwide, but there's just not enough homes.

"For every dog we have to euthanize--it's not that dogs fault.   It's someone's fault out there and it's a shame that we have to do it because these are good dogs," said Rogers.

In addition to more stray dogs, Rogers says there's more dog bites.

"Probably about a year and a half ago, it started escalating then," said Rogers.

In fact, he says the number of reported dog bites has doubled since last year.  He says they can teach dog bite prevention but it won't be as effective as they would like until they can get more stray dogs off the streets.

The number for Jonesboro Animal Control is 870-935-3920.

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