Car dealers reaching across web for new shoppers

By Keith Boles - bio | email feedback

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -According to a recent on-line survey, 32 percent of shoppers that were looking at new cars are now looking at used cars.

That's up 5 percent from October.

And many of them are looking online before they step onto a dealer's lot.

Many dealers have web sites and some have even extended onto Twitter and Facebook. The Internet can save you time and money when you start looking for that perfect car. There's always the wanted ads, but your scope is kind of limited to local areas . That's why lots of car shoppers are turning to the Internet.

"We're very up to date on our Internet, we have at least 20 pictures of every car."

Jenny Graham is the Internet sales manager at Car Choice here in Jonesboro. She's been doing the net for about six months and they use it to attract new customers and answer potential customers questions.

"They find something they really love, they can say okay I want to know about this vehicle, how much money down? Or do I qualify for this vehicle? Or anything like that ."

Graham says the Internet gives buyers a chance to shop prices before they get on a lot.

"A lot of people are also scared of salespeople so 500 dollars more, 500 dollars less you know they can go either way with it without ever coming in to talk about it."

Like many dealers, Car Choice offers you the opportunity to apply for a loan on line or at least see if you qualify.

Although Graham says she likes walk up customers on the lot.

With the Internet, a customer may just leave a phone number with a question.

Graham, "I get to call them and try to talk them into coming in and showing them a couple of cars and stuff like that so. I get to talk to a lot more people than the other guys get too."

Besides just a web site, some dealers are branching out onto sites like Facebook. Any dot com method to get the customer into the drivers seat.

And even though she works at a car dealership, like many shoppers Graham began her search for a new car with a click of the mouse.

"It took me a long time to find the right car, and even then I did the majority of my shopping on the Internet."

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