Preparations underway for Marmaduke Elementary's flu clinic

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

Statewide, students are and will be rolling up their sleeves in preparation for the mass flu clinics to be held in Arkansas schools over the next several weeks.

"All three of mine are going to get H1N1," said mother of 3, Dani Burge.

"Because my middle one was so sick, I saw how sick she was and I don't want my others to have to go through that so I'm just going to go ahead and take precautions," said mother of 3, Deana Banning.

Both of these Marmaduke moms say their children will get both seasonal and H1N1 vaccines this year.  Marmaduke Elementary will hold it's flu clinic next Wednesday, October 21st.

"We've had to send out the forms and the health department gave us a checklist on what to do," said Marmaduke School District Nurse, Carol Austin.

Austin says in addition to making sure the clinic site is ready, they're now waiting on signed permission slips and other forms that have to be filled out before either shot can be administered.

"We sent them out a week ago and I have gotten several back," said Austin.

Austin says the district sent home about 750 forms.  She says of the ones returned, the majority are giving the go ahead for both shots. She adds, there's no guarantee both shots will be available.

"The health department, when they brought our stuff to us, they said that they would for sure have the seasonal flu shot, but they said by the time they got to our school district they didn't know for sure if they would have the H1N1," said Austin.

Austin says there will be no mist vaccines only injections.  In addition to extra nurses, Austin says health department officials will be on site the day of the clinic to help administer the shots.  For Deana Banning she says one illness in her family already this year is enough.

"I hate to see them all going through that so I think it's worth getting the shot," said Banning.

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