Group plans supply drive for 875th soldiers

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) - On Monday morning you can help make a difference for a group of Region 8 soldiers.  From 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. supplies for care boxes will be collected at Kmart and both Jonesboro Wal-Mart locations.  Members of the 875th from Jonesboro and surrounding areas are preparing to be deployed to afghanistan in the coming months.

The collection, hosted by the Women's Discovery Center, is one way the organization works to make a difference in our community.

Here is a complete list of items that are being collected:

powdered hot chocolate                        fast food condiments
flavored coffee creamer                         instant coffee
powdered Gatorade                              pre-sweetened Kool-Aid
tea bags                                                Slim Jims
crackers                                                 Easy cheese
single serving bagged chips                  candy
Little Debbie snack cakes                      raisins
Rice Krispie Treats                                 individual serving boxes
Kraft Easy Mac                                       breakfast cereal
microwave popcorn                                beef jerky
granola bars                                          power bars
dried fruit                                               Chex Mix
canned soup                                          tuna
summer sausage                                   oatmeal
applesauce                                            cashews
licorice                                                    potted meat
salsa                                                      lollipops
instant soup                                           gum
chips                                                      Pop Tarts
canned chicken                                      cotton balls
single sheet sets                                   bug spray
nail clippers                                            paper
Q-tips                                                     envelopes
Clorox wipes                                          baby wipes
razors                                                    shaving cream
shampoo                                                stamps
after-shave lotion                                  soap
body wash                                             mouth wash (alcohol free)
deodorant                                              contact lens cleaner
books/magazines                                   batteries
big fluffy towel                                        eye drops
chapstick                                                liquid hand sanitizer
sun block                                                lotion
dental floss                                             baby powder
phone cards                                            puzzles
blankets                                                  frisbees/squirt guns

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