Police warn about those trying to get to your pocketbook

By Lauren Payne - bio | email feedback

"The smartest person can be fooled," said Detective Mike Tinnin, from Paragould Police Department.

According to Paragould Police, calls from people trying to fool you are circulating in Paragould.

"What it is is that they're in trouble and they need money.   They're wanting grandma to help them out, and not to call mom and dad and let them know," said Tinnin.

Tinnin says the caller claims to be a grandchild in trouble and needing thousands of dollars. Tinnin says several people in Paragould have gotten that call, and the callers stories....

"Just about the exact same.   They're in trouble, they've lost a wallet.   They're stranded or they're in jail and they need bond," said Tinnin.

If you do get a suspicious call for example police say you should ask the person on the line for a call back number.   If that person refuses to give you a number, police say that should raise red flags.

"If you're not one hundred percent sure of who you're talking to over the phone, ask them a question only a family member would know and no one else would," said Tinnin.

Tinnin says it's imperative people protect their personal information and verify anyone asking for that information.  He says if you have questions about the authenticity of a call, email or letter call police and ask.  If you do fall victim, report it.

"At least when the reports are made we can track it and know what's going on and that's a good thing," said Tinnin.

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