Credit education for teens

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JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) -Sometimes we as adults can have problems with credit, even something as simple as overdrawing your checking account can have long reaching affects.

Now imagine how easy it would be for your teenager with their first checking account or a credit card can get into trouble.

A group of bankers were at Jonesboro High School on Tuesday to teach seniors how to get smart about credit.

Credit is something teens hear about but may not have dealt with is the time to prepare them for that part of the future. Loan officer Paulette Elder with Bancorp South says you have to learn good habits while young.

"Get smart about credit. That's what their future is about and starting young is very very vital. "

This is the second year that Bancorp South has given this program. It is part of a nationwide program to help develop a credit wise generation.

"If we can get them to understand, to monitor themselves and use their own sense of responsibility then I think they'll be far more productive as adults." Dana Rockwell is the Marketing and Management teacher at JHS it was one of her classes that I sat in on.

Now the kids got a lot of information thrown at them Tuesday. But they really seemed to understand what happens now can affect you way down the road.

Tia Selvy asked a lot of good questions and really seemed to grasp the concept of what can happen in the future.

"Once you get in bad credit you will never be able to get those things and people will never want to help you out of those situations because you won't pay your loans back or pay off your credit or something like that."

Eric Wooten who for now operates strictly on a cash basis, came out of his class ready to plan out his credit future.

"This will definitely help me prepare for a future and have everything set up for the way it needs to be rather than be completely unprepared for life. This will definitely help me. "

Like everything else a lot of the early financial education is up to the parents.

Paulette Elder, "So educate their child why they are young. It's kinda like a 911 call. This is a 911 call for getting smart about credit."

For more information about the "Getting Smarter About Credit" program just click on the ABAEF link.

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