City addresses flooding and drainage at council meeting

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"My 5 year old asks every time it rains, is it going to flood again," said Jennifer Jones.

Jones has lived in Windsor Landing Estates for seven years.  Each time heavy rain falls, she's says she's reminded of fall 2007 and flooding she will never forget.

"We lost furniture in our house, flooring, all the water came up in our house it was knee deep.  Inside, it was ankle deep," said Jones.

Efforts to help keep that from happening there again and to other homes in that area susceptible to flooding were addressed at Tuesday Night's Jonesboro City Council meeting.   To help with drainage, Jonesboro Mayor Harold Perrin says the city will begin digging a ditch next to Jonesboro Baptist Church on Highway 49 near Farville Curve just past the Windsor Landing subdivision.  Perrin calls this phase one.

"Engineering is trying to get signatures of the people who own the field, bean field behind the church so we can run that up an additional 150 feet.   That will take care of a lot of the drainage issues not only for the church, but also the subdivision in Windsor Landing," said Perrin.

Jonesboro Baptist Church gave the city permission to dig the ditch on church property.  Perrin says work on that ditch should begin shortly.

"Could be the end of the week, but I would say next week, Monday or Tuesday of next week," said Perrin.

For Jennifer Jones, while the flooding and drainage problem hasn't been solved, she says she's hoping it's a start.

"It will be better when we see it.   I want to see the final results before anything," said Jones.

The drainage issue wasn't the only thing on the city council agenda.  The council approved several ordinances amending the budget using grant money to pay for several projects--

**including one that will pay for a forensic computer lab to protect children against on-line predators.

**another will pay for ice storm recovery using federal forestry funds

**the council also approved a plan to use cops grant money to hire new police officers.

In another story we've been tracking, the council dissolved a committee that was organized to request proposals and discuss outsourcing the city's trash pick up.   The city will not be requesting proposals and will continue trash pick up by the city as a city service.

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