Best Buy opens in Jonesboro

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The "to do" lists were made and the newly hired Best Buy employees were checking them twice just hours before the store's grand opening in Jonesboro Thursday afternoon.

"The last two weeks we've been merchandising and training our whole staff," said general manager, Jim Lemmon.

Lemmon says that staff consists of 83 full time, part time, and seasonal members.  He says there are new opportunities for the area, filled with workers from the area.

"I'm anticipating we'll need more after we get open and assess our needs," said Lemmon.

"My internship ended in June of 2009, so I was looking immediately to find a job," said Best Buy employee, Kevin Kendrick.

Kendrick is one of around 40 ASU students hired by Best Buy.  He says this job is helping him to pay for college now, and he hopes to move up in the Best Buy rankings in the future.

"Hopefully a career move....a good opportunity is here," said Kendrick.

"We were all just kind of like shocked," said Corbin Ewing.

ASU student and part time employee Corbin Ewing lost his job when Circuit City closed.  He calls electronics his passion, so he's glad to be back in this field.  He says he's also happy to be getting a paycheck, and maybe some help paying for college too.

"They do offer a tuition assistance program, so I'm hoping to get in on that soon," said Ewing.

Manager Jim Lemmon says Best Buy is happy to be bringing jobs to Jonesboro, when jobs across much of the nation are in  high demand.  Like many retailers, Best Buy did hire seasonal workers.  It's temporary work for some, but for others, Lemmon says it's a new start.

"We'll make an assessment of our business needs and we will keep some," said Lemmon.

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