Fake minister goes on West Memphis crime spree

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WEST MEMPHIS, ARK. (WMC-TV) - A man claiming to be a youth minister was arrested in West Memphis Thursday after he stole a Bible, attempted to cash a stolen check, and was finally apprehended just as his friends drove up in a stolen car.

West Memphis police say Trevor Martell Onar posed as a youth minister. They say he stole a woman's Cadillac from a repair shop and replaced the license plate with one that read 'clergy.'

"Mr. Onar had an interesting wallet that had the Lord's prayer on the wallet and had the stolen checks," said West Memphis Police Captain Donald Oakes.

Police say Onar stole the woman's checkbook from her car and wrote checks to pay bills. He also tried to cash a check at her bank, but the bank's vice president - also a reserve police officer -  knew the victim.

The checks had already been flagged as stolen.

Just before Onar was taken into custody, his friends showed up in the stolen vehicle. They said they had no idea it was stolen, and that Onar told them the car belonged to his mother.

Onar is charged with forgery and theft.

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