Volunteer fire departments get details on getting grants

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Jonesboro, AR -- Several volunteer fire departments across Region 8 are one thousand dollars richer thanks to grant money given to them by the Arkansas Forestry Commission.

"We're always happy to get money," said Philadelphia Assistant Fire Chief, Wayne Miller.

Miller says this money helps them build a strong department which they hope will well serve their community.

"It allows them to spend it on some equipment that they don't have," said Miller.

Not only did the Arkansas Forestry Commission give out money, they were detailing to the departments how they can apply for money too.  An upcoming grant will help departments help their areas clean up from this year's ice storm.

"Volunteer departments, this is especially special for them," said Arkansas Forestry Commission Investigator, Mark Cutrer.

Cutrer says departments across North Arkansas devastated by the ice storm are being encouraged to apply starting November 2nd.  He says departments receiving the grants will get a wildland firefighting kit.  A kit that he says is important now because of all of the debris on the ground left over from the ice storm.....making some areas highly susceptible to fires.

"All of the existing fire lanes that we've had produced, old fire trails, small trails where we got our doziers in and out of, they're gone," said Cutrer.

Officials say having this wildland firefighting equipment can help rebuild what was lost, and protect against what could lie ahead.

"Fire hazards will be increasing as the timber dries out and that's what we're looking at," said Miller.

Click on the Arkansas Forestry Commission's link next to this story for more information about the grant.

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