Afternoon Update - Wednesday

Here are some of the stories we're tracking on Region 8 News:

Local gas stations are reporting a spike - not in prices, but in drive-offs. That, in return, can cause a spike in gas prices for everyone else and can seriously hurt these local businesses. Keith Boles finds out why the drive offs are happening and what can happen to those who steal the petrol on Region 8 News at Six.

Beavers are creating some real problems in the form of dams in Tyronza. The dams are causing flooding to be an issue that has the mayor speaking out. Josh Harvison talks to the mayor, first on Region 8 News at Six.

Many of you have been calling to ask about it: Thursday's drive-thru flu clinic. It happens from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. but there is some information you will want to know. Read about it here.

As Halloween approaches, we would love to see how you've decorated your home for Hallow's Eve. Also, share your fall pictures with us. You never know! Your photos could show up on-air! Keep us in The Loop by clicking here to submit your photos and videos.

Giblet is still hiding on our Website. You'll find him today in his natural habitat, where you might expect to see him! Keep looking!