City of Bono hoping future lake will alleviate flooding

By Josh Harvison - bio | email

BONO, AR (KAIT) - Rivers and streams were flooded all across the Region 8 viewing area Friday. In Craighead County, residents in Bono reported several homes flooded on Deborah Street. The city of Bono is hoping that the future construction of the Bono Lake will help alleviate flood problems in town.

"The main thing I've been doing is riding the streets and seeing how much water we've got, see how fast it was receding," said Mayor Billy Stephens.

Region 8 News spoke with Robert Hendrix over the phone Friday. He said the Bono Lake will help reduce the flow of flood waters on the north side of town near Jimco. Hendrix said the area of town south of College Street is on a different flood path and would not be affected by the lake's construction.

Region 8 News toured the trouble spots for flooding with Stephens Friday morning. Parts of town where ditches were clogged were under water. Areas with clean ditches drained well, Stephens said.

"We always have had many years of problems with Bono flooding and when it comes these big rains like this, it's just going to flood," said Stephens. "If it quits raining, within a couple of hours, most of it will run off."

Stephens said he's been working with the Army Corp of Engineers and Drainage District to clear debris from ditches.

"We have a problem of getting the water under the highway down there. It seems to me like the water does pretty good until it gets down there through the railroad trusses. When it gets to Highway 63 down there, there's just not enough room to get through there," said Stephens. "It all dumps into the same ditch down there. I'm trying to get people to clean that out."

Jamie Covington has been working on a home in southern Bono for three weeks. He's been remodeling the home so that the owner could rent it out.

"We're trying to get it ready to rent out. It's a rental property and we're trying to get it back up from the last flood and I was getting there, but we're kind of back to square one now," said Covington. "It was flooded from one side to the other and the water was up to four or five inches, and it just looked like a big lake out here."

Covington said the home has flooded four times within the last two years.

"We're here on the corner and it catches the blunt of everything, the water builds up right here. It has no place to go and when it builds up as fast as it did, it's got to go somewhere. It's just going to start backing up the hill," said Covington.

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